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 Lavender Sun

Fridays at 6 pm

Hosted by LaDonna Redmond

Lavender Sun is a salute to Prince and the roots of Funk.  The show will play all the music of Prince, the people he influenced, and those that influenced him.  We will play everything beginning with the earliest days of Prince as a member of 94E to Larry Graham the funkiest bass player ever to Chaka Khan certainly the funkiest singer ever. And we could not be funky if we didn’t play a lot of James Brown, The Isley Brothers, or Betty Davis!  Bettty Davis? Who is she? Tune in and find out! We won’t just look back, we will listen to who is funky today and who may be funky in the future. Afrofuturisticfunk that is…I guarantee that you wont be able to sit still. You will move and groove to some of the greatest musicians to walk the earth.

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