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Power Perspectives

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am

Hosted by Andrea Pierre and ShaVunda Brown

Andrea Pierre is the Station Manager of KRSM Radio, a low power FM in South Minneapolis. She is also a mother, creative and producer of Afro-Caribbean descent. Andrea is a champion of voices of the under-represented and unheard. She believes that storytelling is a huge component to bridging the divide and is interested in how to connect and empower folks for change. She is passionate about issues such as motherhood, community based-arts, Blackness, politics, and health. Andrea has consulted for organizations across the metro large and small to increase, community engagement, advance equity and share our collective good. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and thinking of master plans.

ShaVunda Brown is an internationally award winning spoken word artist, an actress, organizer, and rap lyricist. She writes to empower and shed light on raw truths, with a sharp social consciousness. Using her knowledge of African diasporic spirituality, history, mythos and the southern folklore of her upbringing, she weaves stories and new visions of liberation. Her voice has been heard on national campaigns for Sephora on racial bias, the adultification of black girls for Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality and a local campaign for Reproductive Justice for UnRestrict Minnesota. She has been seen in Art is Black Light a Mn. Original Series featured on PBS-TPT. She has originated a few roles in The World Premiere of stage plays produced by The History Theater (Mn), Children’s Theater(Mn) and The Arena Stage Theater (D.C.)

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