Youthprise Radio

Wednesdays at 4 pm

Youthprise Radio is a weekly program featuring four rotating shows hosted by youth ages 18 to 24. This program is an extension of Youthprise’s Podcaster-In-Residence initiative.

Hear Us Out

Hosts: GaoZong Lee & Mai Shoua Thao

Join us, two out of shape friends, GaoZong and Mai Shoua, as we invite youth to speak their truths and break down social justice issues. We will discuss everything from race to mental wellness, politics, and singing out of key in drive-thru lanes. Listen up and hear us out!

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Thinking Out Loud with Erianna

Host: Erianna Jiles

Being a young, black woman is hard enough, but when you add being a first-generation college student, working full time, and learning how to adult, you’re bound to question every part of your life. Thinking Out Loud with Erianna chronicles my attempt to figure out college through my friends, occasional Google searches, and lessons I’m learning along the way.

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Coming to Minnesota

Hosts: Jacky Brooks & Nichelle Brunner

Coming to Minnesota explores the good, the bad and the just plain confusing experiences of two Black women from Chicago and D.C. that relocated to Minnesota. Hosts, Jacky and Nichelle will discuss everything from surviving the longest winters ever, navigating Minnesota Nice, and their ongoing quest to find spicy food. Shout out to the bottle of hot sauce Jacky keeps in her car!

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Young, Dope, and Professional

Hosts: De’Arreon Robinson & Neese Parker

We will be highlighting young business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals; breaking down stereotypes and building new narratives around “professionalism”. For young people, this is a way to find guidance around the challenges of working in different workplaces. For adults, this is a platform to hear about the misconceptions they have on young people in the workplace and how to correct them. Each episode will feature an artist, entrepreneur, business owner, or someone otherwise navigating their way through a “professional” environment.

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