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Ashley Fairbanks serves on our Advisory Board, heads up our Community Engagement Committee, is preparing a brand new radio show for us, and has done a bit of design work at the station as well. She’s also a badass designer and public artist, as well as a seasoned organizer.

Somehow, Ashley found time to serve as a delegate at last week’s Democratic National Convention, and we made sure to send her with a microphone. What she brought back was less a report on the politics and theater of the convention and more a meditation on coming of age under a Bush presidency, growing into adulthood during Obama’s two terms, and trying to find hope for this year’s election (which will fall on her 30th birthday).



Recorded by: Ashley Fairbanks

Produced by: Brendan Kelly


Songs used:

  • Mmyykk “Fantastic (Intro)”
  • Blockhead “Attack The Doctor”
  • Bohannon “Save Their Souls”
  • Debruit “Turkish-ish”
  • Knxwledge “Knxanswr”
  • Ike Turner “Black Beauty”
  • Lady Midnight “Charge It To The Game”


Note:  The opinions expressed in this recording are Ashley Fairbanks’ alone and do not necessarily reflect those of KRSM, Waite House, or Pillsbury United Communities.

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