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You can help to shape the future of KRSM by serving on one of our committees.

This committee will begin by creating a process/criteria for accepting, reviewing, and deciding on applications for new shows. Once that task is complete, this will be the group in charge of choosing which new shows go on the air, how we arrange our programming schedule (which shows go on which days at what times), and how shows are reviewed for renewal (how often, based on what metrics, etc).
This committee pursue a variety of potential financial streams to help support the station. They will will run member drives, recommend potential grant opportunities, and solicit underwriters. They will also coordinate with the Community Engagement Committee to help plan out and run fundraising concerts and events. This is critical work that will help the station grow and sustain itself.
This committee will be in charge of communicating with our Southside neighbors. What are the needs of the community, and how can this station be addressing them? Whatcommunities in South Minneapolis are we not reaching and why? What is the important work being done, and how can we amplify it? Plus, there will be events to plan, t-shirts to design, and lots of doors to knock on.
An important part of this station will be building a strong system for collecting, researching, and reporting on the news that is relevant to the many communities that make up South Minneapolis. This committee will be in charge of designing that system and overseeing it. It will be in charge of writing a code of quality standards and running a series of free journalism trainings for community members.

Contact Individual Committees

This is the committee in charge of making sure that everything is running smoothly. They will advise us on how to get the most out of our equipment and software. They will provide troubleshooting assistance when something goes wrong (and something, at some point, will definitely go wrong!). They will also make recommendations about repairs and upgrades.
This committee will help the station to have a transparent understanding with the community about how things run, how questions get decided, and how problems get solved. The governance committee will write and recommend the laws of governance, as well as a new mission statement and vision.
This committee will help to write training curriculums, build partnerships in the community that may lead to new training opportunities (schools of media and journalism, for example), hire and review the trainers, and collect feedback from participants to help us make sure that we’re providing what community members want and need out of these classes.

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