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There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the station.

Apply for a radio show.

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Volunteer. Network. Make a difference. Develop life skills.

Schedule our pre-recorded shows each week

  • Collect them from email
  • Process them through audio normalizing software
  • Upload them into our computer
  • Schedule them in our automation software

Edit recordings of our live shows

  • We record all of our live programs, and each week we need someone to help prepare those recordings for being archived on the website and rebroadcast through the station later in the week

Archive our programs each week

  • Upload tracks to Soundcloud and Mixcloud
  • Add descriptions and photos of each show
  • Post links of archived shows onto each program’s web page

Community Music Library

  • We offer a couple rotating guests each month an opportunity to add songs to our random playlist (what plays when there are no shows scheduled)
  • We need a team of volunteers to screen these songs for content violations and make clean edits as necessary before they get added to our library

Oversee Public Service Announcements

  • Outreach to local orgs
  • Coordinate recording
  • Record PSA’s
  • Edit PSA’s

Organize our volunteers to record and edit live events

  • Email volunteer list each week to see who is available for upcoming events
  • Assign a volunteer to each event
  • Coordinate logistics with event organizers and speakers
  • Arrange details for loaning out portable recording equipment
  • Coordinate the transfer of files to and from our volunteer producer

Record promotional material for the station

  • Each week, we have new shows, events, and opportunities to promote. Because of this, we need a small team of people to help us record and edit short alerts to be aired throughout the week.

Record live events

  • Attend pre-determind live events and use our portable equipment to record content for the station to broadcast later

Help record and edit a show for/by the Haitian community

  • We have a host who has mobility issues and needs assistance creating her weekly program.
  • Tasks:
    • Use portable recording equipment to record the host and her guests speaking
    • Record remote audio segments through the phone
    • Edit and finish the show each week

Help identify potential advertisers

  • We need a couple people to comb through business directories and drive through neighborhoods, creating a database of potential advertisers

Social media team

  • We need someone to listen to 2 different shows each week, looking for snippets that would work well to share through social media
  • We need a couple people to help us schedule daily and weekly posts informing people about our broadcast schedule and what shows are coming up
  • We need a couple people to help promote our individual shows
    • Check in regularly with our hosts to find out about upcoming guests/topics
    • Visit the studio to take photos and conduct short interviews
  • We need someone to help us promote upcoming events
    • free trainings
    • special broadcasts
    • public events that we’ll be at

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