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Get Involved

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the station.

Apply for a radio show.

Are you interested in starting your own show for Southside Media Project? Tell us a little about what you’d like to do.

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Volunteer. Network. Make a difference. Develop life skills.

  • Music Library
    • Screen songs for content violations and make clean edits as necessary before they get added to our library
  • Edit Show Recordings
    • Do simple editing on the recordings we make of our live shows so that we can stream them online and prepare them for getting played as re-runs.
  • Produce For Southside 60
    • Record and edit short audio journals from community members
  • Public Service Announcements
    • Get in touch with local nonprofits and community organizers in order to write and record PSA’s that reflect the values of KRSM and the resources available in our community.
  • Website Maintenance
    • Upload past shows to Mixcloud, then post streamable players on their show pages
  • Special Projects
    • Figure out how to get digital radios to display the name of the show and host
    • Figure out how to get our website’s player to continue playing as you navigate around the site
    • Build us a more robust mobile app

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