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Music Library

  • We need a team of volunteers to screen songs for content violations and make clean edits as necessary before they get added to our library

Edit recordings of our live shows

  • We record all of our live programs, and each week we need someone to help prepare those recordings for being archived on the website and rebroadcast through the station later in the week

Record live events

  • Attend pre-determined live events and use our portable equipment to record content for the station to broadcast later

Edit recordings of live events

  • Adjust volumes, remove any profanity, edit for length, etc.

Southside 60

  • We need 3 volunteers to help us record and edit short spoken segments by artists, community organizers, and business owners around South Minneapolis

Graphic designers

  • We always have digital flyers, t-shirts and buttons, posters, stickers, and other things to design

Format reading material

  • We have a lot of documents (manuals, program guides, rules of conduct, etc) that need some help looking a little more attractive

Track our growth

  • We need to build a system for keeping track of our growth (looking at metrics like social media followers, volunteers, volunteer demographics, listeners, etc.)

Help identify potential advertisers

  • We need a couple people to comb through business directories and drive through neighborhoods, creating a database of potential advertisers

Social media team

  • We need someone to listen to 2 different shows each week, looking for snippets that would work well to share through social media

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