Neighborhood Voices Initiative

Our community is filled with amazing, talented, and wise people. They have lots to share, but not all of them have the capacity to start a weekly radio show. For that reason, we use the hours in between our scheduled programs to introduce as many of them as possible in the following ways:

Community DJs

Each month, three special guests pick 10 songs each to share with our listeners then record a short vocal introduction to each track. You’ll hear these play randomly, giving you an idea of what the artists, activists, business owners, politicians, and musicians of our city are listening to.

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Southside 60

 Some of South Minneapolis’ greatest minds and hearts generously share their thoughts (60 seconds at a time) on everything from student loan debt and gentrification to self care and relationship-building. Check it out here. (*Link coming soon)

Music Library Currators

We have lots and lots of great music playing on shuffle compiled by multiple folks.

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