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 WAVY Radio

Wednesdays at 4 pm

Hosted by Virgos Finest D. Clint

Wavy Radio was created by Darrius M. Clinton, a Creative Influencer/Director, Manager, Radio Host, Visionary, and Entrepreneur that faced a lot of adversity in his life. Darrius shares knowledge by drawing from his life experiences. Wavy Radio is a platform for the youth so they can also share their experiences, wisdom, and the challenges they’ve faced in life growing up.

WAVY is a short abbreviation for (W)ISE (A)ND (V)ERSATILE (Y)OUTH.

WAVY RADIO is a support system, a family, and a source for the youth to use as an outlet to voice their stories, ideas, and visions through the community of South Minneapolis. If you’re a young creative, artist, entrepreneur, or visionary, your voice matters and WAVY RADIO welcomes you.

Tune in every wednesday at 4pm-5pm and enjoy authentic discussion/dialogue between the youth and the host Virgos Finest D. Clint about our future innovators and how we can build a better life and community.

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