Listen to City Council Member Cano and guests discuss gentrification in Minneapolis

At KRSM, we see so many different ways that this station can be offered up to the community as a tool.  One way we feel we can be of service is to record and share important speeches, debates, forums, and public meetings that are taking place.

Last Thursday, our team visited Las Mojarras on Lake Street for the latest in Council Member Alondra Cano’s series, Cafe Con Alondra.  This month, Alondra invited a panel of guests who all do work of one kind or another around land use and gentrification to come speak to the tightly packed room.  The guests included:

Below, you’ll find audio of each speaker’s presentation as well as a few of the more immersive answers given during the Q&A portion of the evening.  As you listen, please take a moment to tweet to us or drop us a message on Facebook to let us if you enjoyed this as well as your thoughts about other upcoming (or ongoing) community events that we should be capturing and sharing.  Enjoy!


Alondra Cano:


Ricardo Levins Morales:


Tony Damiano:


Jennifer Arnold:


Emmanuel Ortiz:


Staci Horwitz:


Question:  “Would it be possible to do Community Benefits Agreements? Are there places where these have worked?”

(Alondra and Ricardo answer)


Question:  “How are people successfully fighting gentrification? Are there success stories?”

(Ricardo, Staci, then Alondra answer)


Question:  “Is this a problem we can build our way out of?”

(Jennifer, Tony, then Staci answer)


Question:  “Would it be possible to make a commercial version of the Land Grant model? What would it take to scale up the Land Grant model?”

(Staci answers, with a wisecrack from Emanuel at end)

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