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 Black Shenanigans

Wednesdays at 3 pm

Hosted by McClayton Randle & James Moore

Black Shenanigan “Two dope Snobs” radio show is about awareness, education, and activism through the arts. A one hour’s radio show that places an emphasis on fine art. We focus on film, music, spoken word, painters, culinary, dance, photography plus more. We also join the elements of freestyles which we would have artists showcase their skills in an impromptu way. We will discuss food insanity and create a window into the personalities and culture of the local food scene. There are endless variations on the topic: The program will discuss different topics every day, but not limited to the following: Gender equality and women’s empowerment through the arts, Social Entrepreneurship, Start-up success stories on businesses. We will discuss access, bias, and gatekeeping within the local music scene.

We will highlight the accomplishments of MN best-kept secrets such as Zoe Emilie Henrot and Dalton Outlaw showcasing their performance of “The Art of Boxing, the Sport of Ballet” at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts. We will also highlight and interview the co-founders Mary Anne and Sergio Quiroz of the Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center and showcase the skills and talents of local comedians, creative writers, and rap greats such as the likes of Rhymesayers.

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