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As part of our work to amplify powerful voices from our community, we ask 3 special guests to pick some of the music you’ll be hearing each month. Each of our Community DJ’s chooses 10 songs and records a spoken introduction for each, reflecting on their history with this music, memories of South Minneapolis, personal observations, or whatever else the song may make them think of. As you listen throughout the month, you’ll hear these songs and their intros playing at random times. We also share each DJ’s picks as a playlist accessible below. So scroll down and meet KRSM’s Community DJs from May 2018!

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Junauda Petrus

Junauda Petrus is a creative activist, writer, playwright, and multi-dimensional performance artist who is Minneapolis-born, West-Indian descended, and African-sourced. Her work centers around Black wildness, Afro-futurism, ancestral healing, sweetness, spectacle, and shimmer. As one half of the Free Black Dirt collective, Junauda has introduced us to work like Queen: A Puppet Play, The Sweetness of Wild, and There Are Other Worlds. She has led the Wild Seed portion of the May Day parade for the past several years, and her poem “Can We Please Give The Police Departments To The Grandmothers?” was one of the first recordings that KRSM shared.

Photo: Anthony Souffle

Marcie Rendon

Marcie Rendon is an enrolled member of the White Earth Nation, a playwright, poet, and freelance writer. She has published four nonfiction children’s books, including Pow Wow Summer and Farmer’s Market: Families Working Together. Rendon’s debut novel, Murder on the Red River was released in March 2017. Rendon is a community arts activist who supports other native artists/writers/creators to pursue their art. With four published plays, she is the producer and creative mind behind Raving Native Theater.

Photo: Cheryl Walsh Bellville

Greg Grease

Greg Grease started as a punk drummer, but you probably know him as one of the bandleaders of AstralBlak (formerly ZuluuZuluu) or from his forward-thinking contributions to the local hip hop scene. Greg has released 2 solo albums plus multiple EP’s and singles, along with several ZuluuZuluu projects. Beyond music, he is also a skilled leather-worker and clothing designer, who sells hand-made merchandise through his company, River Life Dry Goods.

Photo: Nate Ryan

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