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 Indigo Spot

Sundays at 8pm

Hosted by Indigo

Indigo has had a love and passion for music since she was 8yrs old when she learned how to read music and play the piano. Growing up in a mixed American and Caribbean household has influenced her music spectrum. As a lover of music, it is not just sound to her it’s Kin. To indigo music is a healing source, an artist’s expression, and home. She believes that music along with many other forms of art can be the root of healing and relief from the traumas of life. Especially for those of us who have heart connections to music culture. Indigo believes….to know music is to know the world and her taste in music is reflected in her eclectic stirfry of music choices. As a dj Her intentions are to open listeners up to new music while connecting with the favorites and legends. Also to elevate the energy of the space to set the tempo to peace, love, and light work.

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