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 Just Us

Thursdays at 4 pm

Hosted by Christopher Mendez

This is a one hour talk show highlighting restorative practices as a community building and conflict resolution approach, while highlighting the work and wisdom of local (Twin Cities) restorative practitioners. Respect and priority will be given to the people of color who have been and are doing the work. When given the opportunity, relevant issues surrounding restorative practices will be discussed and analyzed.

Restorative practices are an approach to life that prioritizes the human need for healthy relationships with others. It is an approach rooted in indigenous people’s culture and everyday practice across time and space, that only recently has been explored by Western systems. The show will seek to give the utmost respect to local and global roots of restorative practices, honor and learn from those who have done the work in the past and are doing so now, and spark hope in the community to continue working toward a better tomorrow, together.

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