Show: Rock, Gifted, and Blatin2021-09-09T14:42:56-05:00


 Rock, Gifted, and Blatin

Saturdays at 2 pm

Hosted by Umar Malik

Rock, Gifted & Blatín – The show that unapologetically reframes and resets the narrative of who owns, can play, and can be rock, metal, punk and alternative. It is not Whyt music, it is fully Melanated Music that was coopted and taken by Whyt Pipo changed the narrative to what is white and what is Black music. RGB grabs OUR music back to showcase and educate US on what is Ours. Hosted by Umar Malik, you will take a historical and contemporary drive in the music that shakes up your soul, and lets you be loud and proud. And yes, like the One Drop rule, you just need one in the group to be recognized as Rock, Gifted & Blatín

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