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 Same As It Ever Was

Monday at 7pm

Hosted by Jamez L. Smith

Host: Jaméz L. Smith, DJ Jam E.Z. (aka: Apollolypstic)
Format: Music via Vinyl Records
Named from the chorus to The Talkingheads’ “Once In A Lifetime”, Same As It Ever Was! is firmly grounded in 80’s New Wave music. Not your mom’s 80’s. Not your dad’s 80’s. Your Favourite Gay Uncle’s 80’s!
However, as a master selector, Jam E.Z. (“Jaméz” if you’re nasty) is unafraid of jumping genre, changing style, or switching decades during the course of this 2 hour long show. Guests and other surprises are likely. Good music is guaranteed.

Same As It Ever Was 2.0, Different, Just Like It’s Always Been!


Live Broadcast:          Tuesday          5 – 7 pm

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