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Music Library

During the hours when no shows are scheduled, you’ll hear lots of great music picked out by our team of library curators. Thousands of songs play on shuffle, covering many different genres and in multiple languages. Keep your Shazaam app open, because you’re sure to discover a new favorite!

DJ Yasmeenah

Yasmeenah is your local philanthropist/DJ who will get you off your your feet to dance but also bring conversation to whichever table needs it. She is very passionate about local and international socioeconomic issues. She is also is very vibrant and open when it comes to her music selection. She will play anything from Gorillaz to Hassan Aden Samatar to YG. Her favorite quote is “My mission in life is to not merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style.” by Maya Angelou.

DJ Todda

DJ Todda began DJing and making beats in 1999. He has toured all across the United States and Europe, DJing for artists such as Brother Ali and I Self Devine. He is also an avid collector of vinyl records and all things dope!

Brenda Azueta

Brenda was born and raised in Mexico City, with training in journalism, radio, and photography. She loves Latin alternative music and shares it as a DJ and co-host on KFAI’s Radio Pocho. You can find her taking pictures at concerts and festivals or doing photo shoots all over the Twin Cities…once she gets a camera in her hands, she is in another galaxy.

Jon Jon Scott

Jon Jon is a Southside fixture. He’s been a familiar face behind the counter at Electric Fetus for a couple decades, passing out music advice to anyone wise enough to ask. He’s also president of Sound Verite Records (home to Greg Grease, Mujah Messiah, Sarah White, and ZuluZuluu), a longtime blogger/tastemaker, and host of Sound Verite Radio on KFAI.

Brendan Kelly

Brendan is the Station Manager at KRSM and has been part of the station’s planning and building process since 2010. Prior to working at KRSM, he spent 10 years touring as Brother Ali’s DJ and released music under the name BK-One as well as with his band Bones & Beeker.
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