Debate On Schools Reopening Amid Covid-19

Written by Kashia

*This article was written on Friday July 24, 2020 and is reflective of the information available at that time

The state plans on opening schools for in person learning in fall of 2020. Upon the release of this statement, they were met with many supporters as many parents and teachers have been worried about the grades of their students. When schools closed in March of 2020 and switched to online learning, many students had a hard time with the transitions and learning resulting in failing grades and etc. Online learning just wasn’t for everyone. Thus, after learning that schools will be reopened some parents and teachers were elated.

However, not everyone reacted the same way. Many other parents and teachers were worried for the safety of their children as Covid-19 was still an unstable problem ongoing not just in the U.S., but around the whole world. Thus, the idea of reopening schools caused much unrest in many people as the risk of Covid-19 was still around.

School district administrators have made three scenarios in which the school year may play out:

  • The first scenario, which is in-person learning, will be played out if Covid-19 does not worsen by the time school starts.

  • The second being hybrid classes in which some days students will learn in-person and on other days, they will be online.

  • The third, which is learning completely online, will be played out if Covid-19 worsens.

As Covid-19 is still an ongoing problem around the world, many people have been worried about the safety of their loved ones, but just because Covid-19 is around doesn’t mean that life just suddenly halts as things such as work, bills, school, and grades are still things that people have to be constantly worried about.