Voices of Queer and BIPOC and the American Experience

Written By Emmett

For the longest time, the U.S has made it very difficult for Queer and BIPOC people to go about their lives. From getting denied basic health care to an overwhelming amount of police violence. Queer and People of Color are often treated terribly. I surveyed and talked to 8Queer and/or BIPOC individuals about their experiences living in “The Land of the Free”.

I asked them a set of questions to highlight their experiences and how they feel on a daily basis.

Do you feel scared?

What do you think is causing the fear?

These are real people and real experiences. Supporting and loving them should not be a question of should or should not. People should be there for one another. The world would be so much better if we just got along. People have different opinions, but if your opinion involves treating people terribly then it’s not an opinion, you’re just a bad person.

Whether you’re BIPOC or Queer, just know that your life matters. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise.