How Covid-19 Will Affect Students Going Back to School?

Written by Ris. B

*This article was written on Friday July 24, 2020 and is reflective of the information available at that time

More than 70 countries are planning on opening back schools for the upcoming school year.  Other U.S. states will have surveys and polls for parents to vote.

They will also be taking precautions:

  • Students and staff wearing masks
  • Students and staff washing their hands throughout the day
  • Students and staff taking daily temperature checks.

Because COVID-19 rates are so high, many schools in the U.S. will not be reopening and students will have to do distant learning. Although some students might prefer doing distant learning, other students actually would like to do regular school.

Some of the reasons are:

  • Not having the supplies to do online school like the internet or a computer.
  • Not having a healthy household
  • Not having the motivation to do their work

While other kids would love to stay home, people under the age 18 are more likely to contract the virus than adults. The risk appears to be lower for younger children.

Some international outbreaks in schools include:

  • In Jerusalem, 153 students and 25 staff were infected in late May.
  • In New Zealand, 96 staff, students and parents were infected at a high school before the country shutdown