United States Postal Service Could Go Bankrupt

Written by Aliya B

*This article was written on July 24, 2020 and is reflective of the information available at that time

Right now we are transitioning from going to stores and shopping to online shopping. Online shopping is just so convenient, but one important part of that is the shipping itself. And usually when something gets shipped, it’s shipped through USPS.

But now they’re going bankrupt due to declining mail volume, closures of offices and the expenses of first class mail. Also this pandemic is forcing the government to decide what needs more funding and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, USPS isn’t one of them. USPS has actually requested for more funds but they have been rejected.

USPS is also losing business due to the convenience of email. It can be sent to the receiver in less than a minute while sending mail may take days. USPS is also one of only mail services utilized by people in rural areas. It is also the carrier of choice for people who own small businesses. Most companies use email for advertisements and even hiring processes.

An easy solution would be more people sending out mail. Maybe send a postcard or two to a family member you haven’t seen in a while. A more effective way to help would be to send a letter straight to congress telling them to support USPS.